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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Powerful Advertising - Pay Per Click advertising is a very powerful, and popular, online advertising method to attract new customers. With it's tremendous power and flexibility, it can also be overwhelming. Keeping expenses within an assigned budget and maximizing the impact of the dollars spent are critical measures to pay per click advertising.

Compliment your SEO - Pay Per Click advertising is a way to compliment your Search Engine Optimization efforts, to fill in the gaps where your site is not ranking well for key search terms, or where your competitors have a strong online presence established. It is also a very effective way to match your competitor's online strategy and take away business from their storefront to yours.

You need to have your Google AdWords campaign professionally managed. Proper management and maintenance requires setting aside time every week to review and adjust, get specific, get local, get active, get negative, and put your ad $'s behind what produces results.

Get Specific - Unless you have a huge marketing budget, with more than 5 zeros, don't bid on generic keywords or you will quickly break your ad budget. If you bid too low, get you absolutely no exposure. You need to find a balance, which is where Sonntag Search Marketing comes in. We will work with you to determine how best to use what you offer, exactly what you offer, and craft your keywords and add combinations to match them, exactly.

Get Local - Google AdWords has the ability to limit your ad display by geographic locations. Do you expect the majority of your customers from a specific country, the province of Saskatchewan, or a local region? We can use Google geographic choices top make sure your ad does not get clicked and cost you money outside your business area.

Get Negative - When crafting your Google AdWords keywords, we will take into consideration why someone would not be a good customer for you, and make sure we exclude these people from your campaign to avoid cost associated with low probability click-through rates. It is an important part of optimizing your online search marketing budget.

Get Active - Advertising works when it causes the customer to take an intentional action based on what you show them. We write Google AdWords ads that target people ready to take action, to get traffic that matters.

Get Results - We understand how to use Google AdWords as a means to attract more of the right types of traffic to your site. We review your campaigns on a regular basis, getting rid of anything that is costing you money without any results and put those same $'s behind the ads and keywords that are working.

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